Nicpro Gold Mechanical Pencils Set, 3 PCS Metal Drafting Pencil 0.5 mm & 0.7 mm & 0.9 mm & 3 PCS 2mm Graphite Lead Holder (2B HB 2H) For Writing, Sketching Drawing With 12 Tube Lead Refills Case

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Easy replace refills:

1.pencil. Press the top of button and make it no sprang back. Inset this refill and adjust the refill as a safest length

2.Please kindly be noted that the refills you should make it shorter as you could write. It will as larger as great assistance for protection for your refill being broken.

Package Included: 3 x Mechanical Pencils 0.5-0.7-0.9mm leads, 3 x Graphite Lead Holders 2B-HB-2H pencils, 6 x Lead Refills (24 refills for each 0.5-0.7-0.9 mm), 6 x Graphite Lead Refills (12 refills for each 2B-HB-2H pencil), 3 x Erasers (5x2x1 cm), 6 x small cap erasers refill 

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