Clear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit 115 Pack, 16 Ounce Resin with 36 Colors Mica Powders Pigment, Measuring Cups, Silicone & Wood Stick Beginner Tools for Craft, Jewelry Making, Molds, Cast Pouring

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  • Value Package: Come with 8 oz. Resin, 8 oz.hardener,36 assorted colors mica powders,with endless possibilities, your imagination is the limit,craft the most beautiful epoxy glitter tumblers and resin jewelry today.
  • Our resin is easy mix 1:1 ratio,self leveling, self degassing, low odor, Non-toxic (food safe) and no fumes,contains both a UV stabilizer and advanced additive resistant to yellowing, long lasting (30min work time,24h cure time)
  • 36 Mic Powders-36 different colors in 5g (0.18oz) bags,natural and organic product of vivid colors,superb resin dye colorant and will give a shimmering and pearlescent look to your handmade products
  • Epoxy Resin Mixing Kit & Supplies: 12 x plastic cups(30ml),2x Silicone Cups, (100ml), 2 x silicone pouring cups(1 oz.), 2x silicone sticks,4 pair x gloves,10x finger cots,6x pipettes, 15” x 11”silicone mat,1x needle nose tweezers,2x tip applicator bottles,10x clear spoons,1x gold spoons.
  • Nicpro silicone graduated cups and sticks make measure and mixing easily, unlike other wood or plastic staff,Nicpro silicone stick and cup is easy to peel off the resin, non-stick surface.Easy to clean and reuseable.

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