Large Resin Silicone Measuring Cups Tool Set, Nicpro Heart Shape 500ml &100ml Measure Cups, Silicone Stir Sticks, Pipettes, Gloves for Epoxy Resin Mixing, Molds, Jewelry Making, Waxing, Easy Clean

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  • 500ml heart silicone cup: Made of durable silicone in hear shape,easy to squeeze ,the point of the hart is an effective spout, the letters and numbers were put on the outside of the cups ,very easy to read and calculate.
  • 2PCS 100ml :Made of silicone,flexible and durable,non toxic, smooth and non-stick, with angled diversion port design, make the pouring easier,more accurate and prevent the liquid from remaining on the outer wall of the cup and keep it clean.
  • 2 PCS Silicone Sticks: Our stir stick are made of silicone material, with a good anti-skid & non-stick surface, resistant to high temperature, easy to peel off the resin,safe and non-toxic,more convenient and fewer bubbles compared to traditional wooden stir 
  • 4 PCS Resin cups: Approximately with an volume around 15ml, perfect for small amount liquid, resin, paint mixing, with a long and deep spout for precise transfer purpose.
  • 5 PCS Transfer Pipettes: The capacity 3ml, length 6.1” pipettes are ideal tools to quickly and easily move resin from original containers to mixture.There is 20 Paris of gloves included,not more mess up.

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