Nicpro 120 PCS Hobby Blades Set , #2 Exacto Blades Refill for Art Craft, Hobby, Scrapbooking, Stencil

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  • Hobby blade comes in a case to keep the blades safe and lubricated.
  • SK-5 high carbon steel knife blades #2 for smooth cutting without tears and rips. Extremely sharp and Durable
  • Fit in with craft knife handle including Xacto, easy to replace
  • Ideal for precision cutting of medium to heavy weight materials,cutting wood, cardboard, paper, plastic, cloth, leather and foam board craft,rubber, vinyl

This Nicpro Hobby Blades are the ideal tool for craftsmen, hobbyists, artists and professionals alike. Come with 120 #2 SK-5 high carbon steel blades, designed specifically to make precise, accurate cuts in medium and heavy weight materials.

Durable for long-lasting use
Durable, lightweight and rust-resistant, our high quality blades will provide you with reliable, consistent cuts, day after day. 

blade material :Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Type: #2

How to replace the razor blades: 
1. Unscrews the tip of your knife to unlock the blade and take out the dull razor.
2. Swap out to lock the new blade in place and tighten it back up.

1.Please cover the precision knife blade with protective cap after use it, and keep it away from children. 
2. Please watch out for your fingers when you replace the blade to avoid any cutting and scratches.

Package included:
120 x replacement blades
1 x storage case for blades

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