Nicpro 74oz Silicone Mold Making Kit, Platinum Liquid Silicone Rubber for Mold Maker, Jade Green Flexible & Food Safe Mix Ratio 1:1 for Casting 3D Resins Molds DIY with Mold Housing, Mixing Cups

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【COMPLETE SILICONE KIT】: You will get 74oz silicone rubber, adjustable mold housing (maximum size 5.9'' x 5.9''x 2''), 12 pcs stirring sticks, 8 pcs 8oz plastic measuring cups, 10 pcs gloves, 2 pcs tablecloth and 1x user manual. It's the essential bundle you need to start your mold-making!
【FOOD & SKIN CONTACT SAFE】: Adapted platinum grade additional RTV-2 silicone rubber,NON-TOXIC and odorless. Ideal for mold making of arts and crafts, like casting resins, wax, concrete, soap, candles, or mode for candy, chocolate, and cake.
【FAST CURE】: This mold-making silicone rubber 3~5 hours cures at room temperature(73.4°F / 23°C). It has 30 working time. Heat cure will shorten the cure time. (depending on mold size and thickness, temperature)Notice: It can not be cured with UV resin. Due to the low viscosity, the bubbles will disappear automatically within 2 hours without vacuum degassing.
【20A SILICONE TEAR RESISTANCE】: Our silicone mold making kit is designed for making the flexible & firm molds. Once cured, the silicone is flexible enough, not easily breaking and easy to de-mold. The silicone molds have a very long life span, which can be used up to 500~1000 times if taken good care.
【WIDE APPLICATION】: Our green liquid silicone for mold making is easy to pour and mix with perfect detail copy. the silicone is flexible. Perfect for middle-size projects such as 2-piece 3D silicone molds, 1-piece 3D silicone molds, 1-piece flat silicone molds.

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